Matko’s dream


Hi everyone the salt of the earth…


Hi everybody, I am Maťko, born November 25th 2004 in the 30th week of pregnancy, hence 21/2 month earlier than I was expected. I was the smallest midget on the world weighting just 1120g and 36cm long.

My parents were very concerned, and used to see me every free moment. A strange transparent marvel called incubator became my temporary home for a long period. That would not be a problem, the problem was my hearth and breathing. I had repeated lung inflammations. My breathing had to be supported with a ventilator, tubing and other devices for a long time. But I have shown to them that I am a big fighter. I gradually gained gram by gram, and as I reached 1500g, the nurses at ICU started to call me Fatty because I was the biggest from the other bugs. And then it happened – I was transferred to the “XLdepartment” –
Department of pathologic neonates, so called.”feeder “ )).

Here I was growing and gaining. What I did not like that much, was they started to exercise with me the Vojta method, and I expressed accordingly my attitude to the whole staff. But you can’t help) . After almost three months the doctor finally said we will go home. We left enriched with a pile of papers and 18 diagnoses in the report. However we did not enjoy our home to long. After a week we had to return to the hospital and I had to undergo a surgery. I was still a midget weighting 2500grams, and the intervention was big load for me. After anesthesia I refused to breathe so I end up in ICU again. It was not easy, and I have shown everybody that I want to live.

I had to go through a kidney surgery in my first year, complicated later by inflammations and joined with repeated hospital stays, frequent inflammations of upper airways, physiotherapy, so I spent my first year in hospital with breaks. Mommy twisted me with Vojta exercises, I have cried a lot with her. However the auntie neurologist insisted I am “good”. I kept on exercising intensively. When I was 2 years and 4 months, a new neurologist appeared, and a shock – I was told I have a cerebral palsy. They used to stick me with painful vials of Cerebrolysin.

I finished my first therapy at Dr. Augustinova in Egypt in September. I am able to speak more, I learned the names of my friends, and moreover I start to sing simple songs.

I managed to swim with an inflated round). You may think it is a banality, but for me these bits are very meaningful. Let’s see how I will go on, the treatment is a long term issue, and it has to be repeated. It is a huge financial burden without any health insurance coverage. I want to thank everybody who contributed, and ask for a chance in your private or corporate options to get help. Please consider helping to fulfill my biggest dream..

I want to walk on my own, run with other children on the playground, catch butterflies, cycle, chase a ball, like other children do…
Certain things can help to fulfill this dream: treatment at Dr. Augustinova, dolphin therapy, hippo therapy, a special tricycle, and other devices…

Account number.


SK85 1100 0000 0026 1945 7687


Thank you in advance for every understanding and contribution )




ICRU and Department of Pathologic Neonates at St. Cyril&Metod’s University Hospital in Bratislava



Lubka Kaiserova for help and permanent support ) and all physicians and golden nurses

MUDr.Orosova, Head of Pediatric Respiratory Department UTARCH Pod.Biskupice and all staff

MUDr.V.Polák, Head of Pediatric Urology Department DFNsP Kramáre and all staff

MUDr. Martin Smrek

MUDr.Murínova and her nurse

MUDr.Komadova and her nurse

Erika Kubešova for rehabilitation with hard starts )

Katka Mičíkova and all staff of DC at Cyprichovej

MUDr. Ostrihonova from the Neurologic Center Sinalgis

/… and all others, who we bear inour hearths //))/

MUDr. Eva Augustínova